Strange Chemistry

You may have heard that Angry Robot is discontinuing their YA imprint Strange Chemistry, here is the press release: LINK

Now I could list the reasons why this makes me sad, upset, disappointed but I want to focus on one really good thing that came from the Strange Chemistry publications and that is author Cassandra Rose Clarke.

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I’ve read her 3 YA books, all are set in in the same magical universe where pirates and witches are the norm.

The Assassin’s Curse has two main characters, Ananna and Naji. Ananna is the daughter of a powerful pirate family and has just been arranged marriage, she skips town and leaves her family behind. Feeling dishonored the family she was engaged to sends Naji, a deadly assassin. By a weird chance the two end up bound together, a curse that they set out to destroy. It’s a magical and fun adventure. The Pirate’s Wish concludes their story.

Wizard’s Promise focuses on Hanna who is the daughter of a former lady pirate and a fisherman. All Hanna wants is to become a proper witch but she is apprenticed to a “grumpy fisherman”. Okay so I will admit that I actually enjoyed this more than the first two books, but that’s because I thought the grumpy old fisherman would have more interaction between Hanna and while he does play an important part in this journey (he is the one that sets the boat off course) it didn’t end up being what I thought it would be (whooaa long sentence). This is book 1 in a new series, that I don’t know when will be complete, but I truly think that Hanna still has so much more to say and do. I would talk more about what I really liked and why I think there has to be more to the story…but then there would be spoilers.

Essentially I am sad to hear about Strange Chemistry but I will be following Cassandra Rose Clarke to whatever platform she uses to publish her work and I encourage all of you to check out her works currently published!