February Books + Spotlight

I totally flaked and missed talking about February books! Skipped right to March. Probably because in February I only 2 books! I read Frozen by Melissa De la Cruz  & Michael Johnston and First Born by Lorie Ann Grover (this one was an ARC provided to me at the ALA midwinter conference).

So let’s talk about Frozen (not to be confused with the Disney animated movie).

Genre: YA dystopia/fantasy/Price: $17.99/ISBN: 978-0399257544/ Page Count: 336/Series: Yes, book one in Heart of Dread series.


The premise is that the world collapsed due to freak weather and now we are in a semi ice age.  There are two main characters Nat and Wes. And you guessed it, they have a complicated romantic tension. Romance is a huge hitter in the series. The journey for the story and how the two are thrown together is this, Nat is looking to get out of Vegas and Wes happens to be a smuggler/criminal and the only one cocky enough to try and get her to “The Blue” (a mystical land of promise).

This could be considered straight dystopia if not for the sideways fantasy weaved into the storytelling. But by the end of the novel fantasy has become to main conflict and how the two authors transition to that is great.

What I appreciated about this book was that there are no love triangles (I really get burnt out by that in YA) and that it isn’t just one genre. I will be giving the rest of the series a read once it comes out, or rather when I can get my hands on them.